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Web Analytics

We observe your users to tell you what they like about you.

Knowing the users’ habits is essential to understand what they are looking for and what they most value about the client website. The data collected by the monitoring activity and the traffic analysis help us estimating the web marketing campaigns’ potential in order to detect key aspects that can improve the website fruition and to make the client obtain a larger number of page visits, contacts, estimate demands and online purchases. Want a quote?


The services track the users from the moment they access the website. Thanks to this tracking we obtain information about:

  • Live Statistics
  • Traffic
  • Pages and contents
  • Users
  • Referrals
  • Geographical info

The monitoring activity provides an incredible amount of data. This is the reason why periodical reports are so important. Reports help us isolate the information we really need and compare them in temporal series or intersect them with other data to obtain strategic information in the perspective of a nonstop improvement or just as a decision-making support.

Already tracking your visitors? We could help you toposition your site or manage social networks.