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Social Media Marketing

We talk about you to make your company speak.

The growing spread of Social Networks constitutes a great channel for online advertisement. That is useful to attract more visitors towards the client website and to give to the brand more visibility. Millions of users daily surf the net and use the 2.0 web ( communities, blog, forum, videosharing, etc.) and it is essential for the companies to exploit this web communities. Want a quote?


VDU helps you collocating your company into the main communities: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin, by analyzing the best placement strategy and by working out an ad hoc communication plan.
The service facilitates the expansion of a wide contacts’ net virtually interested in the products/services you offer.
The service includes monitoring and several reports to constantly brief the client on the benefits provided by the campaign. Moreover, the constant analysis of all the data helps us improving and modifying the campaign as we go, in order to always achieve the best result.

  • Scelta di una linea editoriale concordata e personalizzata in base alle esigenze specifiche del committente;
  • Azioni preminari: setup degli account, following mirato, definizione delle fonti, analisi delle fasce orarie di maggiore presenza online del proprio audience;
  • Attività giornaliere: produzione e pubblicazione dei contenuti, gestione della conversazione. Azioni specifiche per i differenti canali attivati (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Foursquare, ecc.).

Already set up a social media marketing campaign? We can help you tosell online or to position your site on search engines.