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IPhone and iPad Apps Development

Have an idea for an app? Tell us about it, we can help you to make it real.

Creating an Iphone or Ipad App allows you to exploit a more and more important channel, used by a large amount of people and which has an undeniable appeal as a communication tool. VDU can support you in planning and developing Iphone and Ipad applications and helps you in their distribution by managing the iTunes account. What kind of applications can we create? There are many kind of possible applications. First of all, we can transmit contents from your website and make them usable by creating an application for your clients to improve communication and “branding”. It’s also possible to create an app with specific features, like calculus tools, games, etc. We develop apps iOS platform using objective C, apple native code. Want a quote?


  • Feasibility study
  • Design and development
  • Testing and tuning, deploy and Apple validation
  • AppStore publishing and positioning

Already have an app? We can help you to launch it on social networks.

You want to create a mobile website? We can develop it for you.