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Set up, customisation, positioning. A single word: Drupal

VDU provides its experience in configuration, development and personalization of Drupal to create and integrate websites, portals, ecommerce and any other application the client requires. We are also experts in indexation and placement of websites created with Drupal and we provide training courses to learn how to use Drupal.

Why do we use Drupal?

About Drupal

Almost 3000 code commits, more than 7000 issue comments created by more than 11000 “official” developers every week … A community that counts thousands of people that in years cooperate to improve one of the most modular, safe and scalable web developing systems.
Drupal is not just a content management framework, written in PHP and distributed only under licence from GNU GPL … Drupal means Twitter, MTV, Google, The Economist, Le Figaro, Barack Obama, Fast Company, White House, Yahoo! and many, many other information, education, entertainment and government main websites. But why?
Because it is like a special toolbox. Thanks to its tools is easy and fast to create websites, also the complex ones. Thanks to this unique feature, the so called “Full Costing” is appreciably reduced without affecting quality, safety and scalability.
Drupal functional features allows a structured and flexible management and a logical categorization of the contents. Drupal also gives a remarkable autonomy in the layout netsurfing management, in the users’ profiling, in the forms’ creation and many other features.
Drupal Services
SEO Drupal
Do you have a website created with Drupal and you want to increase its visibility on search engines thanks to a SEO campaign?
Theming Drupal
We provide development services of personalized theme. We can create graphics or work on already settled graphic inputs.
Drupal Coding
Standard or complex configurations, profiles’ installation, multisite, migrations, ETL. Strong competences for all your requirements.
Looking for a partner to develop complex projects with Drupal? Contact us, we can consider a collaboration!

    Our services Drupal


    Posizionamento fa sempre più rima con rendimento.

    Drupal supporta e favorisce lo sviluppo di siti 'SEO-oriented', noi completiamo l'opera con la nostra esperienza nel posizionamento di parole chiave: utilizziamo i principali strumenti di lavoro di Drupal, studiamo i contenuti e apportiamo le necessarie modifiche di ottimizzazione al tuo sito web pianificando una campagna dal massimo rendimento. Want a quote?
    Se vuoi approfondire scarica la nostra presentazione al Drupalcamp Verona 2011.


    Vuoi imparare a usare Drupal? Te lo insegnamo noi.

    Vuoi imparare a installare, configurare e gestire un sito web realizzato in Drupal? In VDU organizziamo e realizziamo corsi individuali o di gruppo per privati, professionisti o aziende, con percorsi personalizzati in base alle specifiche esigenze e al livello di preparazione dell'utente. Richiedi informazioni.
    Sei un ente di formazione e stai cercando esperti di Drupal per tenere i corsi? Contact.


    Trasferiamo la tua immagine online, e ti facciamo riconoscere.

    Sviluppiamo temi personalizzati, realizzando la grafica o basandoci su input grafici già definiti. Contact.


    Lavori fuori dagli schemi.

    Configurazioni standard o complesse, installation profiles, multisite, migrazioni, ETL: offriamo competenze solide per tutte le esigenze. Contact.