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Adwords - Pay per click

We place your ads only where necessary; you only pay if it works.

This type of campaign is conceived to create specific advertisements that can be linked to some keywords and then be placed under the spotlight of the main search engines. A fee is charged for every “click”.
Examples of benefits provided by this type of campaign are the possibility to geographically plan the advertisements visibility and the fact that the campaign itself can be started very quickly. Want a quote?


Basically the service is structured by the creation, the publication, the monitoring and the updating of “pay per click” campaigns on keyword advertising channels like Google Adwords.


  • Keywords choice: he choice of the best keywords is made focusing on the customer recommendations, the website contents, the users’ research habits and the keywords used by the competitors.
  • Advertisement writing: as we said before, the criterion followed by the search engines to place the pay advertisements that include the same keyword is the reckoning of the ratio between visualizations and real contacts. Therefore, for the same price for “click” , it is vital to have an advertisement that follows some proper placement criteria and attracts as much as possible the users attention on the indexed page.
  • Campaigns monitoring and updating: every campaign has to be periodically checked to examine the keywords and the advertisement flow and improve it if necessary. A proper example can be the suspension of the campaign on a keyword that isn’t creating an adequate rate of return in terms of “click” and the assignment of the left-over budget to a more successful keyword or to a brand new one. Another common case is the decision to modify an advertisement in order to increase the ”click through ratio” (the relation between visualizations and visits) and to rank among the highest positions in the search engine pages.
  • Result analysis: we periodically make a statistical analysis of the campaign progress in order to review the results and the charges for every advertisement and keyword.

Already set up a Pay per Click campaign? We can help you toposition your site or manage social networks.